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Tue 09 July 2013
Slashdong has a Theme Song (Total Control - Carpet Rash)
Tags: music robots
Tue 22 July 2008
The Jesus Sensor
Tags: silly robots
Thu 19 April 2007
An Odd Day for Sex
Tags: robots toys
Sat 07 April 2007
Hector, the Robot Porn Star
Tags: robots porn
Sat 31 March 2007
Help JD-1116 Buy a Robot Suit
Tags: malebots robots
Thu 15 March 2007
MariaScript - The Interactive Sex Language
Tags: programming software mariascript androids robots
Thu 02 February 2006
The Top Ten Sexiest Female Robots
Tags: robots svedka
Sun 27 November 2005
Malebots: The Reprogrammed DVD
Tags: malebots robots porn
Tue 22 November 2005
Roboraptor as Nipple Clamp
Tags: roboraptor robots porn
Mon 31 October 2005
Who needs a bikini when it's all metal anyways?
Tags: robots svedka vodka advertising
Mon 11 July 2005
Short Documentary Film on ASFR
Tags: robots asfr
Sun 10 July 2005
Real Dolls Going Robotic?
Tags: realdoll robots robotics
Wed 29 June 2005
Robotic Arm to Perform Long-Distance Breast Exams
Tags: robots science
Tue 31 May 2005
Woomba: The little robot that cleans your lady parts
Tags: silly robots roomba woomba
Mon 09 May 2005
ISO Robot fetishists for TV stardom...
Tags: tv robots asfr
Sun 27 March 2005
RCX Sex and Robotic Reproduction
Tags: robots legos rcx 3dprinting
Sat 05 March 2005
Robosapien Abuse
Tags: robots robosapien
Thu 03 February 2005
Sex and the Single Robot
Tags: robots korea