From an Interview with Daniel Stewart of Total Control:

The week I wrote [Carpet Rash] I read three Phillip K Dick Books and I was probably getting high a lot as well. Later on I was at Mikey's house and he showed me a basic demo of a new song he had and I was thinking about this weird futuristic sex dream. It was basically about a guy trying to make it with a robot in all these different situations. I guess that song is about being really disappointed with the future. In the 80's there was a show in Australia called beyond 2000 and every week it would show you what we'd be capable of doing in the future. It was all crap and I remember being young and thinking "shits gonna be so fucking cool," but then when we get here the future is just more terrifying instances of what we have now. In between the 50's and 2001, American culture was always about how the future is going to be fucking great. But then 9/11 happened and the myth of a great future disappeared. At the time I was pretty deep into utopian and anarchist communist politics, and then when 9/11 happened I just totally lost all sense of the future. So basically that song is about a guy who got a robot to have sex with but it turns out he's not enjoying it at all.

Slashdong now has a theme song.

(Album available on Bandcamp)