Real Dolls Going Robotic?

From the rumor mill come an item about everyone's favorite $5000 sex dolls. Here's a message that was found on the Doll Forum archives in May...

Please help us all welcome our very own in house

Robotics Engineer!

While I said before this will not have a direct effect

for at least a year, we will be immediately putting

him in a locked room with no windows and not letting

him out till he has something electronic to put in the

REALdolls ok...

Film at 11....

Ok no film but believe me I will be getting back to

you about this in a few months.....

Yours Truly,


Abyss Creations LLC

So we could be seeing mechanized Real Dolls within a year. I, for one, welcome our new Sex Doll Overlords.

BTW, if anyone else needs a robotics engineer to work on their sex dolls and has full benefits and good pay... :)