ESRB to investigate GTA Sex Minigame

Going through a city with automatic weapons in both hands mowing down as many innocent bistanders as possible? Awesome! Running around in a gimp suit beating people to death with a huge double-ended purple dildo? Great! Having sex with your girlfriend? OH MY GOD NO. SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!

The GTA Sex Game that we covered earlier has now made it all the way to the level where government officials can make rush judgements about it and the media can run wild with it. The ESRB is now "looking into" the fact that the minigame weren't even accessable without hand modding the code to the fucking game. If they have to check every game for things like this, they better be ready to hire some assembly gurus or else require release to all the source to every game written.

But at least we can still shoot at each other with no problems.

Via Kotaku/Fleshbot/Slashdot