Who needs a bikini when it's all metal anyways?

I'm not in the habit of advertising for companies that don't explicitly pay me to do so, but this is a special case. I was doing my daily gossip reading over at Defamer (damn, it's free advertising day here at Slashdong), and an ad for Svedka Swedish Vodka caught my eye. Now, I'm usually a Precis or Grey Goose drinker, but if we're going with mascot appeal, I think we have a new winner (Sorry, Grey Goose, my avian fetish is dying...).

This is Svedka_Grl, the new spokesmodel for Svedka Vodka. Combine this with their new slogan "The Future of Adult Entertainment," and the collective instant hardening of meat over at FemBotCentral and you've got the robot fetish equivilent of everyone in China jumping up and down at once. We may very well be flying off our usual orbital path of the Sun as we speak thanks to the sudden displacement caused by a million spontaniously raging machine lust induced hardons.

So, back to the serious critique. This is an interesting uses of tech sex. Sure, there's been robot fetishes for years. No 80's pad was complete without a Sorayama or two. However, this is the first time I've seen it used in mass media marketing in as long as I can remember (which isn't very long since I usually don't pay attention to this stuff). It's interesting to see the scantily clad bikini babe of normal alcohol ads replaced with a sleek, sexy 'bot who's into "elbow grease" and aspires to be a "dentist". The sexualizing of technology marches merrily on.

And just look at that picture. It's like she's saying "Come on big boy, I've been a naughty bot. Do me so hard that I compute measurements in standard units!"