OpenDildonics is dead. Long live someone else's sex toy wiki.

For those that weren't aware, the original OpenDildonics was a project that was started Brum2600 in around 2003. They were working on an open source teledildonics framework long before I'd gotten around to even registering Slashdong.

After Slashdong came along and the OD project lost momentum, the Brum2600 crew was kind enough to donate the opendildonics domain to me. I turned the site into a wiki which I was planning on compiling all of the information on slashdong into, in order to have a community based site that everyone could update and grow. Unfortunately, my (lack of) attention span won out and spammers took over. The site became an unusable mess.

Opendildonics has been dead for a while, actually. I redirected the domains off the wiki to point at Slashdong a few months ago. However, with some of the upgrades I've done lately, I've seen a few of the 404's we've been getting from it. I'll be redirecting all requests from the wiki to this post, just so everyone knows what's up.