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Way back in the days of January 2005, a site called OpenDildonics opened their doors with a tutorial on running a vibe motor from a parallel port. This came up right as I was getting ready to launch Slashdong, and almost discouraged me from starting the page at all. However, I went ahead and put this place up anyways, and the rest is history. Unfortunately, outside of their forums, went quiet. I got an email from the wonderful people at Brum2600 offering me the domain last month, and I knew I had the perfect project for it.

For those of you that were alive waaaaaaaaaay back in May, I quietly announced the creation of the Slashdong wiki, and then proceeded to do absolutely nothing with it, due to moving across the country and then getting acclimated to new job, new natural occurances, and new experiences in general. However, now that I'm back in the building mood, I find it much easier to document my projects and thought process in wiki form versus article form like I do here on slashdong.

So, here's what I see happening:

  • Slashdong is not dead, not by any means. I've spent way too long building the brand amassing my army of zombie army through mind-control tags in my RSS feed working on this page to let it go that quickly. This will still be a blog, and something I can hopefully get back into the habit of updating with a little more frequency than I have in the past 6 months. I'll most likely keep up with the article format on my projects on here, because I have fun writing the entertaining version of the development process. In addition, I also plan on doing reviews of toys from that special soul-sucking, "You could have sex with it but it's more interesting to take it apart" engineering perspective that I seem to have a knack for. Not to mention, since it's a blog, I don't feel quite as bad about being a judgemental fuckwad here.
  • The Opendildonics wiki will be for long term history and project documentation. I've watched a ton of pages go up and then back down since I started running slashdong, and even though never forgets, I'd really like to have a centralized clearinghouse for sex tech info. I plan on moving all of the articles on slashdong over to the wiki at some point. The original articles will be preserved, though I may also post more straight forward explanations of them for conciseness sake.

Please note that this wiki is meant to be as open as I can make it without the asshats of the internet fuckering it. I don't have time to do wikipedia style mediation, nor do I think I'll have enough dedicated people who care to do that, either, so while account creation is open, it's limited to talk, and if that gets spammed (much like our poor message boards), I may have to regulate that somehow, too. However, if you are interested in adding information or helping out on the project, or if you have something you'd like documented (of your own work or else already GPL'd or CC'd or whatever open license), email our tips address (tips at slashdong dot org).

I'm really excited about where this project could go. I've met a ton of amazingly smart people in my time running slashdong, and being able to work with them to add information instead of just blogging about them is something I'd always wanted to do. Here's hoping for the best.