Virtual Dating on your Cell phone

Wow, the summer makes the news sloooooooooooooow. That plus this ridiculous addiction to Second Life, and this page might've altogether died if I hadn't found some stuff to talk about soon...

Apparently some people aren't happy with just playing tetris on their cell phones. These people apparently also can't get dates, and are predominately male, lesbian, or really wanna do it with their cell phones. In order to fill this hole in the mobile gaming market, there is VGirl, your virtual cellphone girlfriend. From the page:

Send your girlfriend messages, ask what she is doing, even flirt with her. Shower her with gifts, paying with real money. But treat her wrong or forget an anniversary and you'll get the cold shoulder!

Notice there's no real payback on this, i.e. instead of "Give her gifts and she puts out", it's just "give her gifts". She lives in your CELLPHONE, which means if she gets mad, you may start seeing calls to Japan on your phone bill instead of just getting slapped.

Though she does vibrate....

via Portension