New IGDA Sex In Games SIG and Blog

After the Hot Coffee mod, the game industry has had to do a lot of thinking about how it presents sex in games, lest overbearing puritan legislation be rained down from the sky of their conservative god. Many positive things have happened in response, but one of the best I've found so far is the IGDA Sex In Games SIG (and not just because your's truly is a founding member, but that certainly helps :) ). Lead by Brenda Brathwaite of Cyberlore games (Lead Designer on the recent Playboy game series, and before that, Wizardry and Jagged Alliance to name a few), this SIG is dedicated to discussion and research on the presentation of sex in games, as well as what the future holds, and how to break new barriers without getting sued. There's a mailing list, blog, and message board available to discuss topics with professional game designers, gamers interested in how the business works, and freaks like me who are just happy to have some sort of academic/professional justification for what they do with their spare time.