Architechture and Vice: Fantasy in the Magic Kingdom of Second Life

Ok, if you can, through writing alone, squick a guy that hooks sex toys to video games on a regular basis and publically publishes this fact, you may either have some serious talent or else serious problems on your hands.

Comparing Second Life to "Disneyland Porn" (no, seriously, I can't make that shit up), this fucked-up, weirdly worded article on sex in Second Life (something which we recently extended upon) contains such choice quotes as:

"Cuddling is, of course, the gateway sex drug, so, I suppose you could say that I was actually having the beginnings of thoughts about getting nasty in Cinderella's Castle."


"SL goes down as the greatest public freak fest on the Internet. Where else can you find a world of people that dress up like humanoid animals and then hook up? These people give the phrase, "humping like bunnies" a peculiar kind of literal currency."

So, I mean, I suppose you get pretty numb to all of this when you've been on the internet long enough to realize anything can be a fetish. It's interesting to see someone who's never, er... experienced the furry community react to freaky deeky virtual sex, link it to Disneyland, and then call themselves a homophobe. Internal conflict much?

Via MeFi