Never put salt in your eyes.

Also, never book yourself to get back from one conference, and only have 1 day in between before you leave for the next. Bad things happen, like iPods breaking and bad blocks in the reiserfs system sector of your main storage drive. Basically, anything that will take more than a day to fix will happen on that day.

Anyways, off to San Jose and GDC. I'll be there from Sunday to Friday, and will be speaking as part of the Sex In Games talk on Wednesday at Noon, with Brenda Brathwaite of the Sex In Games Special Interest Group.

I will not be liveblogging this conference, unless someone would like to pay me to liveblog it for their blog. Just email the tips address over there. I need all the cash I can get, people, and you know I'm funny, I know my shit about video games, and I'll be smack dab in the middle of lots of new releases. So come on. Support the dildo fund.

Off to do last minute packing checks. See you in San Jose!