The Goo Gobler - Flash Animation

Looks like our old friend Utopex finally found a buyer!

The people at BoinkCams are currently ramping up their site, which will feature the full line of Utopex toys, including their spanker and "Homage to Cronenburg" internet controlled tongue.

But apparently, the tongue was just a little too fuckin' classy, so they've one-uped themselves again, with the Goo Gobler. If you hate flash like I do, I'll spare you having to look at the animation with the screenshot below:

Internet Enabled Bukkake. No, fucking really. Someone hooked up a god damn super soaker to their computer, put a little special sauce in it, and then network enabled the firing button. Aim it at a model, and you've got yourself a technology enabled fake spooge fest.

Yet again, this is one of those times where I get that nice, warm, "Maybe I'm not so weird after all" feeling. I cherish these moments.

Unfortunatly, I can't seem to find any sort of product pages for this, so all we have is the promise of a flash animation that this actually exists. But the idea alone is enough.

via Sex Drive Mailing List