Originally written by Isabelle Pavlova for mmorgy.com

Last week was busy in terms of press, both good and bad.

On the good side, features on sex in MMOs from Germany's Der Spiegel and Wired Japan. Having covered two of what are considered to be the most sexually concious countries on the planet in the same week, we feel like we've done our job..

Back on the homefront, there's been some interesting developments in the discussion of Sex In MMOs. Mainly, it seems that few want to. Terra Nova's usually comment heavy posts went pretty light on the conversation, and Hamlet Linden's survey returned results showing that articles on Sex and Relationships were the least liked by readers.

Gauging by our technorati stats and hit statistics, Sex In MMOs still seems to be a interesting topic, though it does make me question how many people see it as a positive one. So, what do you think? Are readers just here for the shock value, are we on to something, or, once again, is it a little of both?