Originally written by Shuemais for mmorgy.com

The tale of House Gallant is a short, unfortunate one. Originally started under a different name – /Taraes os Varol/, or ‘Master of Passion’ – the leader, Maeka, sought to create a guild in World of Warcraft that catered to a different style of play: that of Domination, Submission, and open slavery amongst its membership.

However, in the same month it started, House Gallant disbanded (due to internal conflicts, I was later told). But, Maeka agreed to talk to me, and tell me a little bit about what it was like to run a guild unlike any other in WoW.

Shuemais, WoW Reporter: Thanks so much for talking to me tonight. :)

Maeka, House Gallant guild leader: Not at all. Ask any question you like.

S: Why start a guild focused on a Dominant/Submissive lifestyle?

M: It wasn't based solely upon a dom/sub lifestyle.

S: So it was more of a 'regular' guild that incorporated those things?

M: An alternative guild, yes. It was a group of like-minded people. Only my ex-slave and I exercised the dom/sub lifestyle.

S: Was recruiting for the guild difficult?

M: No, it wasn't difficult -- those with like minds more or less gravitated to us.

S: How did a Dominant/Submissive aspect change the nature of the game for the players?

M: How so?

S: Well, how difficult is it to roleplay such relationships in World of Warcraft?

M: Not difficult, really, but anything above typical PDA was kept in private.

S: So you did choose to be open to the other gamers? What do you think are the biggest obstacles to overcome in the game to make it work?

M: The only obstacle I've seen has been the immaturity of others.

S: Can you explain that at all?

M: People can't take it seriously. Lots of immature people can't seem to grasp the concepts behind it. Of course, I understand where they're coming from. I wasn't too hardcore into it.

S: Then why not simply play regular characters, and refrain from including a Dominant/Submissive tilt to the game?

M: We wanted to try something new. :) It's not something that many others do. This IS a roleplaying server, after all [House Gallant was created on Argent Dawn, a heavily-populated Roleplaying server in WoW].

S: Very good point. Do you think you might ever try to create another guild similar to House Gallant?

M: No, not after that experience.

S: That's unfortunate -- at least, in my opinion. Finding people who're willing to try something different in a game like WoW is rare.

M: Perhaps. But, I'm here to play a game, not waste my time on useless drama.

S: I understand how you mean, and I’m sure other people probably could as well.

M: It was a good run while it lasted. Good things never last.

S: Very true.

M: It's all right. Call me a prude, but I prefer a more solid one-on-one relationship of mutualism, if not equality. House Gallant wasn't as hardcore as some would like to think. [It was] more soft and romantic.

S: It doesn't always have to be hardcore. Sometimes it's about the romantic, softer things. It's unfortunate to see it end up that way.

M: Yes.

S: Well, thank you for talking to me today.

M: Ha ha, thanks.