Yeah, it's real, real slow in the sex tech world this time of year. All the bloggers I usually steal scrape aggregate content from are on their little "vacation" from being hard at work typing up what they had for lunch on a daily basis, so I'm stuck coming up with my own shit. We don't need no breaks here at Slashdong, oh hell no.

So, in lieu of actually having anything interesting to say, I'll rip off more ideas!

Google's end of year Zeitgeist is always a fun read. But, do ya ever wonder what the search term list of a site like Slashdong looks like?

Oh, lordy, it's entertaining. Lots less pop stars, lots more dildos. Here's a few of my favorites from this month, along with my snide, stupid comments.

  • dog knot - Ok, this one always ranks pretty high, mainly due to a rather unfortunate combination of word usage on our Haptic Cow Simulator post.
  • linux sex - Yeah. You wish.
  • roboraptor owners manual - Oh you poor bastard.
  • we are on the fucking moon - Yes, yes we are.
  • twister the raper - WTF? There's a few variations on this search every month. I dunno why.
  • usb penis - Well, I suppose there's USB everything else now
  • robosapien sex - "Mom, why is my robot all sticky?!"
  • pervert games - Crisco Twister
  • squicked - Well, at least I'm not the only one who uses this term. I just don't like being on the descriptive end of it.
  • boy dong boys - That's going on the band name list.
  • shit hot motors - Also going on the band name list.
  • bananaphone masturbation - No, seriously, ew. No mixing Raffi and sex.
  • fosters home imaginary porn - NO. NONONONONONONO. NO. NO. (I LIKE CHOCOLATE MILK)
  • tons of videos of people having serious sex - As opposed to the flourishing "silly sex" porn video industry
  • how make sex toys with home appliances - "Mom, why is my Kitchenaid all sticky?"
  • human upgrades motorised orgasm - "Yeah, it's got a hemi"
  • slutwifecharms - No, seriously, why didn't anyone get me one of these for Christmas? (Most likely because the page no longer exists. cry)
  • sex after married - See "Linux Sex" comment
  • way of sex by force - Followup to Art of War
  • diy hot glue gun dildo - No. Don't put the hot glue gun there.
  • mild girls - Mmmm, tepid, tepid ladies.
  • masturbating with women s shoes - "Mom why are my Jimmy Choo's all sti.." Ok, really, I'll stop now.
  • pussy offer titty twister mp3 - The music the kids listen to these days...
  • how to rape a women give a demostration - I don't like the internet sometimes.
  • home depot sex toy - Bob Villa would be proud
  • her first dangerous dong sex - Lighting it on fire just wasn't a good idea in the first place