ET-312 Control Through Perl Scripts (Update 2013-05-12: Now mirrored on github, hopefully forever and ever more)

Remember that whole kurfuffle about me recommending the ErosTek 312 unit for the Wired Christmas Gift Guide? Well, for all of you that did go ahead and buy it, you can now add the joy of perl hacking to your new toy! Some enterprising engineers over on the SmartStim Boards have found a way to control the ET-312 unit through Perl, meaning we shall soon be seeing all sorts of wonderful things causing happy nerve stimulation (I personally will be looking forward to my toast being done a LOT more, now).

The software is GPL, meaning no warrenty and no liability, so, for the love of GOD, please be safe. No crispy cocks for us, thank you very much.

Please note, the boards do require registration, but it's very much worth it, as they are an amazing resource for electrostim info.