Originally written by camzet for mmorgy.com

Sociolotron is a world full of sex and violence. Gameplay revolves around it and the mechanics were developed to help the roleplaying within the game. Travelling through most of the areas of London (where Sociolotron takes place) will have you bumping into sluts, hookers, rapists, and lovers, just to name a few. A trip through the underground might give you a glimpse of NPCs asking for or selling sex, PCs doing the same, or couples fucking with abandon, body fluids leaking everywhere. You might also see a good fight between sworn enemies, vigilanties attacking a thief, or a rapist stalking his prey.

In this article, I'll give a basic rundown of the sex in Sociolotron - the mechanics and basic gameplay involved. This won't be mentioning any people or places (we'll get to that in later articles), but more of a voyeuristic overview.


Sex is one of the basic things every resident of Socio can do. If you cannot find a partner, then masturbation is an option. And sex is not limited to the traditional male/female relationships - it is possible for female/female, male/male, shemale/male, and shemale/female. For each combintation there is a listing of what is possible with your partner depending on your sex and theirs, plus the position you both are in at the time.

Keep in mind that the mechanics built into Socio are just meant as an addition to the roleplaying of scenes and life in Socio. A good roleplayer can have sex in Socio without even pressing a button.


Any player in Socio can have sex, but whether or not you find a willing partner is half the fun. For those unable to find a sex partner, there is masturbation or the myriad of NPCs who inhabit Socio.


There's a wide range of benefits and costs to having sex in Socio.

  • For those concerned about their morality - sex can help decrease or increase it. Location, how many times you orgasm and who you have sex with are all factors contributing to the rise and fall of your morals.
  • Having sex increases your Sex Urge and the Satisfaction of it. A high Sex Urge with low satisfaction will cause the NPCs to try and rape you as you wander the streets and wilds of Socio.
  • Of course, a big risk of sex is catching diseases and passing them on to others. Running around spreading diarrhea usually keeps all but the most daring of hookers away from you.
  • Guards are a big problem if you choose to do more than kiss in a public area. The government frowns on public displays and will take immediate action on those caught.
  • Then there are those who choose to prey on their fellow residents of Socio. Males and females should consider wearing a locked chastity belt if they don't want unwelcome advances on themselves.


As said before, sex can take place anywhere, but most usually in a house or bar to avoid the interference of guards. Done outside it will decrease your morals even faster.


For your character to wear or place on others, there are lockable wrist and ankle chains, lockable collars, ballgags for females, dildos which can be handled by anyone, strapons for the ladies, and whips.

Many residents of Socio keep slaves or are slaves themselves. Being a slave means your owner can strip you at will, grab you anytime and force you into any position without your consent. You also give up a portion of your earned experience to your owner. Some associations are very loose, some very controlling (many residents follow the Gor rules for owning slaves), and many own more than one slave.

Prostitution is one of the skills that many residents learn. It can help lower your morals quickly by hiring or being one, and many residents like the risk of not intimately knowing their partner. The experience and money gained from hooking can be very lucrative.

Quite a few painsluts crawl the streets looking for the many sadists around. Whipping or striking without causing permanent damage and orgasming will increase your Sado Urge, while orgasming while in great pain will cause your Maso Urge to rise.

The only limit is your imagination - much more can be easily roleplayed in Socio. Puppy play, live furniture, floor cleaners (sperm, body fluids, blood, scat), are just some of the things that come to mind.

But come to Socio... and find out for yourself!