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My name is Sumatrae and I'm addicted to cybersex. (Hi! Sumatrae!)

From IM's to IRC to Mucking and now Second Life, my quest for the perfect scene is never ending. Isabelle has graciously given me a space here to blog my exploits as well as give you what I hope is an excellent travelogue of how diverse and entertaining sex in Second Life can be.

My first stop is one of the most famous portals in all of Linden - Furnation Prime.

Its a natural stop for me, since I am firmly entrenched in the furry fandom.

A bit of an aside -- Forget what CSI or the News says about TEH FURRIEZ. We're about as degenerate as Harley Davidson owners. We're not all Hell's Angels - and we're not all humping each other in animal costumes. For those of you new to what furries are, we tend to group ourselves in three overlapping communities.

  1. Those that enjoy 'funny' animals, esp. cartoons and comics (bugs bunny, Ninja Turtles)
  2. Those that have a personal anthropormorphic character: A humanoid alter ego with animal characteristics (eg. catgirls, foxmen)
  3. Those that want to form a closer bond with their animal side (, lycanthropy, totemism, spiritual journeys)

Sumatrae is my personal furry character that expresses the passionate, silly and hedonistic sides of me. It's also a link to my feline side Pantera Tigris Sumatrae. It's basically me in tigerstripes and a tail. If you'd like to know more about the furry fandom, check out the website to the largest furry convention in the world.

Now on to the fun...

Furry Fandom is now the largest single collective group in Second Life, so it's no wonder that Furnation Prime has the lion's share of the traffic, so to speak.

Furnation got its namesake from its vast online repository of furry porn artwork, boasting all the great and upcoming names of the anthropormorphic artistic world. On Second Life, Furnation Prime is comprised of a boutique, a pink hotel and a swinging hot spot. No, that's the Joni Mitchell Sim.

Near the main portal, there's a sandbox for open building and meeting new folks.

Nearby is the SkyMall to buy tails, ears and various furry friendly apparel. Further South is ClubFur and (my favorite) the open bathhouse. The bathhouse - like most places on SL - is feast or famine when it comes to finding someone new to chat up or meet a friend but it's such a natural magnet that it doesn't stay quiet for long.

Poseballs for public sexual acts are abundant and the energy is usually pretty positive. If someone asks you to 'yiff' them, its socially acceptable to say 'No, thanks', though you owe it to yourself to give interspecies romance a try at least once ;) Yiff is one of those furry euphemisms usually meant to 'have sex with' or describe something as sexually arousing (eg. The ass on that wolf was very yiffy).

The ingame radio affiliate Club69 is usually a little too eclectic for my tastes but the DJ's are very request friendly. DJ Shenryyr happily let me email him one of my favorite club anthems and played it almost instantly.

That about wraps up this installment. Next time, I'll interview Krysis Gall - Owner of the Haz Pazzar Turkish Bathhouse.

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