Highjoy and Jenna Jamison form like a really weak Voltron (Subscription only article, get a login from BugMeNot

So it appears that HighJoy and Jenna Jamison have teamed up to make turn a boring sex simulator and a DRM'd sex toy into a tepid marketing scheme. Now you too can pay way, way too much money on a remote sex toy because Jenna told you too.

You'd figure they'd combine it with the video game, or something, but no, they're just using her and her girls as a spokesperson.

"Technological breakthrough" my ass.

Wait. That last sentence didn't sound right. At all.

Via Fleshbot, and our best wishes to Jonno and Violet (I know you'll call me. Someday. sigh :) ), both of whom are kicking ass keeping the blog up considering their respective situations right now.