The All-In-One Package

Remember Fu-Fme? The joke website that was most people's first introduction to teledildonics? Well now Homemade Sex Toys has gone and sort of implemented the male side of that setup, implanting a pocket pussy in the drive bays of a case to make a fuckable computer (no remote control, unfortunatly. All it would've taken is a 5v fan line with software controller... :) ). Now, there's a few questionable things about this, like, say, the fact that THERE'S ONLY A PIECE OF DUCT TAPE between you and DEATH BY ELECTROJIZZ, but hey, if you're stupid enough to stick your genetalia that close to a power supply, you might as well enjoy a little electrostim. So next time you're courting your online love who may not be real (warning: link can cause large dent in work day, SFW) or making some fuck with that Dark Elf you just bought off of eBay, you can use the the heat of your video card to make the situation more... personal.