The Journey to Wild Divine: Control through Biofeedback

The Journey to Wild Divine is a game played without joysticks. Instead, it is sold with a biofeedback device called the LifeStone that tracks Skin Conductance Level and Heart Rate Variance in order to open new paths in the game. That's right, it's a game about kickin' back and relaxing. That's it. If you can't chill, you lose.

There's an extension pack available that will also chart your progress and hand you back graphs of how you're doing in terms of relaxation training, and where you could stand to improve.

Well, some people meditate and do yoga to relax, others do, well, you know what they do if you're reading this page. The idea of using this as an online dominance/submission controller could be pretty interesting. Adding the feedback levels to a conferencing program would allow for teasing and pleasure denial on a whole new level... "Hey, calm down, I'm going off cam until your pulse drops...."

Proving that we can make (and will) make anything dirty...