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Sun 13 May 2007
Tags: projects ohmibod audio vibrators diy
Thu 03 May 2007
BodiTalk: Phoning it in
Tags: ohmibod suki bodytalk toys audio vibrators
Sun 08 April 2007
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Modern Audio Toys
Tags: audioh ohmibod audio toys vibrators ibuzz
Sun 11 February 2007
One of these things is just like the other
Tags: ibuzz ohmibod audio
Mon 14 November 2005
The iBuzz
Tags: toys ibuzz vibrator audio
Sun 06 November 2005
Beepsex - Trancevibrator patch for Max/MSP
Tags: audio projects software maxmsp
Thu 29 September 2005
The ButtKicker
Tags: toys buttkicker audio