Update: I wasn't insane! Wow! Thanks to the iBuzz people for giving me the info.

So I was all ready to go on and on about I personally thought the iBuzz v2 had better beat reaction than the OhMiBod, even though the press seems to like the OhMiBod way more (or at least, gives it more attention). However, I finally cracked both of them open today, and low and behold, they're pretty much the same damn thing! Both use what looks to be the same board manufacturer (with same microcontroller and power transistor), though there's different versions of each board.

OpenDildonics.org article on the OhMiBod - Uses the ZY-106c v1.2

OpenDildonics.org article on the iBuzz - Uses the ZY-117 v1.2

So, the question now is... Who is producing the ZY-* series boards? I can't find anything on google. Anyone know?

I'm still working on my Audio Vibe article, which will now be about form factors (I'm betting the motor encasement is what is causing the differences I felt.) and community support since I can't really say much on hardware differences.