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Tue 16 February 2016
A Dildo, A Servo, A Knife, Art
Tags: art dildos toys
Wed 16 April 2014
French Documentary on Virtual Erotica featuring Yann Minh and Ovidie
Tags: documentary secondlife virtualworlds art
Thu 12 August 2010
Sputniko! and the Penis Cybernetique
Tags: art opensource
Sun 28 March 2010
Arse Elektronika - Technosexual Bodies Exhibition in Hong Kong, April 1-27
Tags: events arseelektronika art
Wed 23 September 2009
Artivistic 2009 - Turn On
Tags: art videogames
Thu 09 July 2009
The Pelvotron 3000 - It's the pelvic thrust...
Tags: videogames art
Sun 17 August 2008
Oh, you wacky, wacky artists.
Tags: art
Mon 09 June 2008
A Series of Controversial Dildos
Tags: art arseelektronika
Tue 13 November 2007
Lie Back and Think of English Baseball
Tags: art dildos
Wed 23 November 2005
Tags: art videogames technolust wearables
Thu 22 September 2005
Totems: The Next Level of InfoPorn
Tags: totems porn art buttplugs
Mon 27 June 2005
Touch Me! Exhibit in London
Tags: art haptics
Wed 22 June 2005
Telepooping: Copraphilic Teledildonics?
Tags: poop wimdelvoye art
Mon 06 June 2005
Intimate Transactions: The Transmute Collective
Tags: art haptics