Totems: The Next Level of InfoPorn

I am information's bitch.

Seriously. Take some information, make it pretty, and I will sit there and drool like a raver on acid, happily staring at it for hours. Information Aesthetics is one of my favorite blogs thanks to this (WHY MUST YOU GO ON VACATION?!?! DON'T LEAVE ME!!!). It's not often that I get to combine InfoPorn with REAL porn though, so this post makes me extra happy.

Totems is an art project that creates sex toys from porn viewing density mapped against time over the course of a day. Data about websites visited by users were mapped based on Porn versus Non-porn viewing. The resulting graphs were spun around an axis and printed using a 3D printer, in order to make (not-so-comfortable, but hell, some people apparently like that sort of thing) sex toys.

Sex generated Sex Toys. I gotta go change pants. Again.

via We Make Money Not Art