Vibrator Overvolting Video

The Photonic Induction Youtube Channel (a fantastic electrical engineering channel, highly recommend watching more of their stuff) decided to see what would happen if you throw a whole bunch of volts through a vibrator. Like a whole bunch.

DIY Sex Toys Talk by Kit Stubbs at HOPE2016

Last weekend at Hackers On Planet Earth (HOPE) XI, Kit Stubbs of the Effing Foundation gave a talk on DIY Sex Toys and teledildonics. A recording is now available for viewing. You'll need to wind 2 hours 30 minutes into the stream.

Slides and references are also available on their website.

Venus 2000 Teardown Videos

Youtube User ChannelBeforePurpose has posted a multi-part teardown video of the Venus For Men Stroking Machine!

Thanks to mxn on the Metafetish IRC channel (Freenode IRC network, channel #metafetish, or join the telegram group, which is bridged to the IRC channel!) for the heads up!

Vibration Motor Tester App for iPhone

Ever had a small vibration motor you wanted to test spin-up on, but couldn't figure out what equipment to use? Well now you can just use your iPhone!

The Vibration App from Diffraction Limited Design LLC allows you to put a motor on your phone, then uses the accelerometer to sense different information about it as it spins up. Their blog post on the app provides more information on usage and features.

Go forth and put vibrators on your phone!

Sex Doll Making Video

A video showing the process of making a sex doll. What can I say, I'm a big fan of How It's Made. Thanks @annaleen!