Metafetish Dev Log - Week of 2017/05/15

Whoops, missed a week. But now we're back!

Metafetish Org

The last two weeks around the Metafetish Org have been all...


Hahahah remember when I said 4 weeks ago that I'd just "Throw something together over the weekend?" Hahahaha that was so funny god I'm an idiot. You'd think after a couple of decades of coding I'd be better at time estimates but nope.

My life continues to be one unending development sprint toward the ideal sex toy control software, for some values of ideal matching the architecture that exists only in my head. The good news is that the C#/.Net implementation of Buttplug is now much closer to release. I have the Fleshlight Launch, Lovense Toys, and gamepad vibration working. I'm mostly working in the GUI now, versus futzing with the libraries. Not only that, as of yesterday I got Windows 7 support working! Note that this is only for XInput, as bluetooth APIs for Win7 are still an open question. Even so, if you're still on Win 7 you'll at least be able to rub up against your gamepad!

If you're interested in up to the moment updates, I recommend watching the github project. I'm using the issue tracker there as my to do list, though I haven't been doing a very good job of updating milestones.

Other Projects

No, really, that's it. All of my poor video equipment is collecting dust.

Outside Projects

Other projects continue to move along! GoLaunch and LaunchControl continue to gain new features, and the Swift language version of the Fleshlight Launch control code has been seeing activity too!

Short update this week, but lots of stuff on the brink of being released!

Metafetish Dev Log - Week of 2017/05/01

Welcome to the first week of May! We've got updates on Buttplug development, as well as some of the Fleshlight Launch efforts. Let's get started!

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Metafetish Dev Log - Week of 2017/04/24

Welcome to the all new weekly Metafetish Dev Log. Since things have been picking up lately on both the patreon and the github org, I figured it's time to start posting updates here about what all is going on in the development side of Metafetish. I'll be covering Metafetish org projects, as well as other open source projects I'm tracking. If you'd like me to post updates about your open source sex tech project, just email me (see bottom of website) or hit me up on twitter to let me know!

Let's get started with this week's updates...

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Buttpluggin' With qDot Episode 1 is now live!

After more work (and gear buying) than I really want to admit, the first episode of my new series, Buttpluggin' With qDot, is now live!

This first episode is all about the Fleshlight Launch. The device just came out and I wanted to get something up about it, so I decide to kind of throw all my ideas in this first episode and see what sticks. It's a little long (43 minutes), but I tried to make it entertaining enough to keep interest. You'll see what comes with the device, how it works, how to take it apart, and what the insides look like.

Here's some of the next episode topics:

  • Buttpluggin' 101: Teledildonics
  • Buttpluggin' 101: VR Porn
  • Fleshlight Launch: Corrections and Addendum
  • Vorze A10 Cyclone Overview and Teardown

Plus some surprise topics!

If you've got any suggestions for topics or show content, feel free to poke me on twitter or send email to the tips address.

Buttplugin' with qDot - Coming Soon!

Yup, I'm starting my own youtube channel about buttplugs (and buttplug related topics)! Here's a teaser of the opening sequence for the first episode. Full episode should be up next week!