Venus 2000 Teardown Videos

Youtube User ChannelBeforePurpose has posted a multi-part teardown video of the Venus For Men Stroking Machine!

Thanks to mxn on the Metafetish IRC channel (Freenode IRC network, channel #metafetish, or join the telegram group, which is bridged to the IRC channel!) for the heads up!

Vibration Motor Tester App for iPhone

Ever had a small vibration motor you wanted to test spin-up on, but couldn't figure out what equipment to use? Well now you can just use your iPhone!

The Vibration App from Diffraction Limited Design LLC allows you to put a motor on your phone, then uses the accelerometer to sense different information about it as it spins up. Their blog post on the app provides more information on usage and features.

Go forth and put vibrators on your phone!

Sex Doll Making Video

A video showing the process of making a sex doll. What can I say, I'm a big fan of How It's Made. Thanks @annaleen!

Kinky Code - Tease AI

Welcome to Kinky Code, our new series on open source sex software! We'll be highlighting different sex/kink/porn/etc open source projects we find around the net.

First up is Tease-AI.

Tease AI UI

Tease AI is a Visual Basic application that allows you to create personalized computer domination situations. For those familiar with webteasing, think of it like things you'd find on Milovana except more user customizable. For those not familiar with webteasing, I should really write an article about that, shouldn't I?

There's extensive documentation available for TeaseAI, as well as a support forum on Milovana. It looks like the project has also been forked by Milovana users, which means this is truly an open source community project.

Side note: Trying to find an image for this post, I did a google image search for "Tease AI". I got back this:

Ai Wei Wei is Annoyed

If I don't make any more posts after this, it is because I have died giggling.

bOING bOING Sex Issue from 1993

Long before it was... whatever it is today, bOING bOING was a zine. Run by Mark Frauenfelder and Carla Sinclair, it was established alongside other notable publications of the late 80s-early 90s like Mondo 2000.

In early 1993, bOING bOING published a sex focused issue entitled "Sex Candy for Happy Mutants". It's pretty god damn 90s, alright. Thanks to the continuing archival work of Famicoman, this issue is now available via the Internet Archive!

It includes a Brenda Laurel interview about sexual interface research (unfortunately I was not referenced, due to being 12 years old at the time), sci-fi stories about the yet to be world of teledildonics, and an interview with Lords Of Acid (because of course).

Thanks again to Famicoman for the awesome archival work!