Game Vibration Router Tutorial Video

Interested in how to use the Game Vibration Router? We've made a video to help!

This video explains how to use the GVR, including connecting to devices and to game processes.

If you'd like a text version, we also have a GVR walkthru available as part of the Buttplug Tutorial.

Will It Buttplug - Video Game Reviews Via Sex Toys

Introducing a new series on the Buttpluggin' with qDot Channel, Will It Buttplug?

In this series, I'll be hooking games up to the Game Vibration Router (which ships with the Buttplug Windows App Suite) to see what happens when we take the commands that video games send to make gamepads vibrate, and reroute them to sex toys! I'll also be demoing games written specifically using the Buttplug software, and hacks to get games that don't have vibration working with Buttplug.

Our first episode covers Rez Infinite, the new version of Rez that came out last September. We see how well it works with sex toys, and also get it working with the old Rez Trancevibrator again, thanks to the Buttplug Library!

The software is free, open source, and has actually be released since last August, I'm just super slow at announcing things properly. We also have a message board thread covering how games work with the GVR on the Metafetish Forums. You can also request other games to be reviewed there!

History of Latex Fetishism Video

Ok, going a bit off our normal current tech sex-focused topics here, but this is relevant and also really, really neat. Possibly because I'm a fetish history nerd.

This is a video by Whiteout Rubber on the history of latex fetishism. It goes surprisingly deep, through the production and history of latex, clothing, all the way up through formations of aesthetic and community. The documentary also turns into a bit of a microcosm of the "porn and tech are symbiotic" argument (which I've toned down from "porn drives tech" 'cause I'm a little iffy on the totality of that statement), covering how content distribution moved from print to video to the internet (from USENET and BBSes on), and how that formed and changed the community.

If you like this, check out more of Whiteout Rubber's videos at their Youtube Channel, or follow @whiteoutrubber on twitter.

3D Printed Estim Labyrinth Cuffs by Deviant Designs

Continuing the 3D Printing Theme from the last post... This video found its way into my twitter timeline a couple of weeks ago.

This is an amazing situational bondage build video (on youtube, no less!), showing a 3D printed maze attached to cuffs that shocks the "user" if they don't move solve it enough. Really cool arduino based work!

For more Deviant Designs videos, check out their youtube channel or support them on Patreon!

Metafetish Group on Thingiverse

For all of you into 3d printing of sexy times things that are still vaguely SFW so they can live on a maker website, there's now a Metafetish Thingiverse group!

metafetish thingiverse group

Lots of neat bondage equipment, vibrators casings, etc... Many projects were also built in OpenSCAD and have build files available!

While I don't have a 3d printer yet because I am the wafflelyest consumer ever, some other members of various Metafetish groups have gotten together to post some of their projects. We're always looking for more submissions too.

Thanks to contributors Cuda and Rhoboto for the contributions so far.