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Metafetish Org

Not that it really matters, as my life now consists of nothing but...


The good news is, the C# side of things (repo at http://github.com/metafetish/buttplug-csharp) seems to be fairly solid. We've had our first successful test using the C# code and a fleshlight launch on a machine not owned by me! After that, spent a good bit of time working on getting crash logging set up. My .NET experience is rusty at best and even with ReSharper I am probably missing a lot of places I should be catching exceptions and what not. If you're a .NET developer interested in sex toys and would like to help out with reviews, architecture, etc, please get in touch (see how below)!

I've now moved on to working on the web applications side of buttplug. This will consists of a Node.js/web library written in Typescript (Repo at http://github.com/metafetish/buttplug-js, package name is reserved on npm but package hasn't been uploaded yet as I'm still figuring out typescript distribution), and a Vue.js based movie player application (Repo at http://github.com/metafetish/syncydink). I'm trying to put the Vue.js components together in a reusable way so that other applications can be built quickly using them. If someone else is interested in building React components (due to my history with frontend work, I just "get" vue.js more than I do React), please feel free to get in touch and we can coordinate (see how below).

Here's what I see as the path to making a v0.0.1 release:

  • Finish up enough vue.js components to build a webapp that allows for "random control" of the Fleshlight Launch on Windows 10, which is one of the biggest requests so far.
  • Document how to install the application, and how to access the random control application.
  • Test everything throughly for a bit, then do a release.

Things I'd like to finish soon after that:

  • Get movie synchronization playback working with Syncydink via a Vue.js/Video.js based application.
  • Document the full Buttplug protocol and architecture in Gitbook.
  • Document code. :|
  • Build pure WebBluetooth Buttplug server implementation for supporting Mac/Linux bluetooth toys.

To get in touch with me/help out on this stuff:

  • My DMs are open on twitter (@qdot), or you can message me on Fetlife.
  • I'm always on the Metafetish Slack. Hit me up on one of the other places I've listed here for an invite, or join the IRC channel at #metafetish on Freenode IRC.
  • I'm trying to keep up on the r/fleshlight subreddit and RealTouchScripts forums.
  • Check out the issues (or file more!) on the aforementioned github repos. Right now I just assign everything to myself 'cause that's how my todo lists work. This doesn't mean that I'm working on everything, and I'd be happy to mentor on some bugs. Do note that you will be walking into an undocumented codebase built by a one person army over the course of a month, so be prepared for randomness, jank, and random jank.

I've been getting contact from people who are so excited about this project that they want to learn how to program in order to help out. This is absolutely awesome! The big thing standing in the way of me helping on that right now is that I don't really have time to work on my dayjob, work on the application, and mentor at that level (not to mention, the whole "no documentation" thing makes this a really thorny project at the moment, especially with my penchant for mixing language paradigms.). Once we get our first release out the door, I am planning on building some code tutorials on how to control toys via Buttplug. This should be a good way to start interacting with the application via code and ramping up to be able to help out on the applications themselves.

If you'd like to prepare for those tutorials happening, I recommend you start reading up on javascript. That'll allow you to hit the ground running. As for which tutorials to hit up, I'm working on building a list of those now, and will make a follow up post about it.

Other Projects

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Outside Projects

Things have been pretty quiet otherwise, as I suspect the other developers working on this stuff are also heads down. At this rate, we'll probably see a big release of a whole bunch of apps all at once.