Welcome to the all new weekly Metafetish Dev Log. Since things have been picking up lately on both the patreon and the github org, I figured it's time to start posting updates here about what all is going on in the development side of Metafetish. I'll be covering Metafetish org projects, as well as other open source projects I'm tracking. If you'd like me to post updates about your open source sex tech project, just email me (see bottom of website) or hit me up on twitter to let me know!

Let's get started with this week's updates...

Metafetish Org

Here's what's been going on in projects I have some sort of involvement in.

Buttplug (Sex Toy Control Server)

For those not familiar with Buttplug, check out buttplug.io. Basically, it's a library/application to building software for sex toys easier.

This week, I started yet another damn version of this godforsaken thing that I will never finish. So far, I've written Buttplug partially in python, rust, and javascript (no repo yet, just played with a couple of ideas in a temp node project). This weekend, I added C# to that list, as buttplug-csharp.

I'm not particularly proud of being on implementation language #4 of a project that's been in half-assed development since early 2013, with nothing to show for it so far. However, after sitting in different forums on reddit/fetlife/loverslab/etc for a while, I realized I just need to get something up and running in Windows ASAP. If I had WebBluetooth on windows, then it'd be a no-brainer, I'd just use web tech everywhere. Unfortunately, that doesn't exist yet. Not only that, I'm starting to get requests for toy support as Unity plugins, for games. So C# kills two birds with one stone, and is the path of least resistence to hitting the Bluetooth UWP libraries in a way that doesn't suck to debug. noble-uwp DOES work for node, I've tested successfully with a couple of toys, but if it crashes, god help you.

The plan for now is to support a C# application for windows, and a WebBluetooth based library on linux and mac.

On the mobile side of things, having implemenations in javascript and C# means we can either use Cordova or Xamarin to create mobile apps out of the code we've already got, once we get to that point. It could very well also be that someone else just comes along and implements this natively anyways (see Fleshlight Launch section below). We'll see what happens.

SyncyDink (Web-Based Movie Player with Sex Toy Sync)

SyncyDink is a new web-based movie player project I've started. The goal is to use video.js and create plugins to work with hardware synchronization files from RealTouch/VirtualRealPlayer/Feelme/etc. The movie player will talk to Buttplug over websockets. Once we have basic movie loading and viewing up, I plan on using this as a base for doing experimentation for porn viewing UI, as well as building an encoding interface so people can encode whatever videos they want.

Right now, all I've got up is a simple project scaffold. I'm reading up on video.js, as well as trying to plan an MVP for the project since a lot of people really want to be able to use their fleshlight launch with the videos they've already got.

Raunch (Fleshlight Launch Drivers)

While fixing the WebBluetooth JS demo last week, I accidentally broken the demo on Android. Should've broken on desktop too, just ended up being a GATT race condition that was slower on Android than desktop.

Anyways, raunch-js is now back to working on all platforms.

Also, we've got a new contributor working on raunch-ios, so keep an eye on that repo for native iOS libraries for Fleshlight Launch control!

MK312-BT (DIY Estim Box)

On to hardware development! The MK312-BT is a DIY estim box we've been working on for the last year. I finally made a landing page for the project, though there's still a lot of information to add. That said, there's already 20-30 boxes build and in the wild now. Check out the github repo for more info, and I'll be making a more complete post about this once the landing page is more filled out and the github repo has been cleaned up some.

Outside Projects

The following are projects I'm paying attention to but don't have a direct development stake in. That doesn't mean they're any less awesome though!


golaunch is a Go implementation of the Fleshlight Launch control protocol. Over in the launchcontrol repo, the author has been doing some great work on getting the Launch working with other programs like vlc and Kodi.