Due to me being busy with life, things have been quiet on Metafetish lately. That doesn't mean nothing is happening, though. There's still lots of work in progress on ET-312 reverse engineering, buttplug.io, and other projects. I just don't have a lot of time to write about it.

If you'd like to keep up with what's happening with Metafetish projects, here's some places to look:

  • Metafetish Github Org - All of the code for Metafetish projects still lands here, so this is a good place to get updates about what's actively being worked on.
  • Metafetish Slack - We now have a slack instance! It's pretty development/engineering focused, and is where most of the serious discussion for work on the ET-312, buttplug, etc take place. If you'd like an invite, send mail to tips at metafetish dot com and specify the email you'd like the invite sent to. Metafetish IRC mirrors the Slack instance.

Metafetish isn't the only source for sex tech info these days! There's now lots of good sex tech resources to check out:

Expect more Metafetish posts in the near future hopefully! You can also expect mirrored content from the buttplug.io development blog as things are posted there.