Annnnd 2 months later, we're back!

Ended up getting a bit too involved in the ET-312 reversing project, and then writing a Telegram Bot, but now I'm back on the blogging wagon! (Hopefully.)

In terms of Buttshock (which is now the official name of the estim projects we've got going on at Metafetish), thanks to a group effort, we managed to crack the firmware "encryption" right after I made that last post. I'll be doing a longer writeup on this later, but for now:

  • There's been a ton of work annotating the firmware to figure out what's going on in the box, as well as drawing up schematics. The annotations and schematics are available in the buttshock et-312 firmware repo.
  • We've managed to build a firmware that will work on all systems, regardless if they required v1.5 or v1.6 in the past. There's also a patching system available for inserting new features into the firmware blobs.
  • We're now working on figuring out the pattern building language. Yes, the ET-312 has its own DSL for estim patterns! Once we do this, we'll be able to build patterns to load into the ROM area.

As usual, all of our work is available in the metafetish organization on github. Thanks to all contributors so far!