I've moved most of my sex related code repos off of my personal github to the new(ish) Metafetish Organization. The hope is that once some of these projects become more active, I can add developers to the organization to help out.

Here's a rundown of the repos available:

  • metafetish.com - This site!
  • liblovense - Drivers for Lovense sex toys, in Python and Max/MSP.
  • libtrancevibe - Rez Trancevibrator Drivers, in C
  • giftic - Porn animated gif synchronization in pure javascript.
  • buttplug - Sex Toy Control Framework (expect lots of posts about this soon)
  • buttplug.js - Websocket frontend for sex toy control
  • jiggly.js - Audio Vibrator control via Javascript (doesn't work very well :) )
  • librealtouch - Driver for the (no longer sold :( ) Real Touch Sex Toy.
  • erosoutsider - Reverse engineered control protocol for Erostek ET-312B electrostim boxes. I didn't write this, just archived from web repository that I found it on.
  • libvstroker - Driver for the VStroker Accelerometer Fleshlight Attachment.
  • libvirtualhole -- Driver for the Segment Virtual Hole Prototype toy. I think like only 8 of these exist in the world, but hey, it's a sex toy, and it's code, so it's there.

Check back tomorrow for a post on other sex-related open source repos!