Nothing like reading the "paper" (twitter) and having coffee while waking up, even if it does end up in reading one of the weirder coffee references I've seen in a while.

Here's a video review of the toy in question:

Having never heard of the Cruiser Anal Toolkit, I did a little bit more research. It's apparently part of a line from Love Life Products Ltd, a company that seems to be trying to make themselves known by having toys that automatically squirt lube.

Cruiser Anal Toolkit

They're certainly not the first to this. Bad Dragon toys have come with manual syringe tubes for years, and the Real Touch (RIP) has an automatic lube injection mechanism that was... well, it was an interesting idea. Turns out automated pumps that push out hard to clean liquids that go near sensitive bits are hard to engineer to be reliable for an end-user who's adding their own hard to clean liquids to the system.

However, in the case of both Bad Dragon and Real Touch, refilling the lube resevoirs was up to the user, using whatever lube they wanted. The Love Life toys use a proprietary cartridge system, hence the K-cup reference in the tweet. Could be that the cartridges are refillable, but I can't find any information on doing so.

Each £8 3-pack comes with 3 ~40 use cartridges. So, you've got about 120 uses until having to refill. Now, £0.07/use isn't exactly a lot, but still, locking down lubrication of your toy to your own system seems a little odd. Sure, you can lube up your toy without it using the injection system, but at that point, why are you spending the cash? It very well could be that this cartridge system addresses the issue with user-fillable systems breaking down quickly, and it definitely keeps hands cleaner, but it's unclear whether the tradeoff is worth it.