Following up on the Rez Trancevibrator update yesterday, it turns out there was almost another Rez Trancevibrator! Sorta.

You see, when Rez was ported to XBox Live in 2008 (released as Rez HD), Wireless controllers were far more common. So, instead of making a new TranceVibrator, they allowed players to use the extra 3 available controllers as just vibrators.

Child Of Eden Screenshot

Fast forward to 2011. According to a Kotaku article from a demo held that year, the game Child of Eden was demoed with a peripheral similar to the Rez Trancevibrator. Child of Eden was set as a prequel to Rez, and utilized the Microsoft Kinect (and is still one of the few Kinect games I've heard positive reviews for that wasn't Dance Central). Since that meant all 4 controllers would be free while players flailed in front of their camera, the developers apparently made a belt to strap the controllers to. Players could then have a big, vibrating controller belt while they flailed. Yay.

Unfortunately I couldn't find any pictures of the belt, and it was not released with the game. As this blog is as much my notebook as it is for news, I figured I might as well add this, even though I'm 4 years late to the story.