Ah, the A10 Cyclone.

A fearsome rotating beast that fetched reviews like "way too fucking much," "seriously stop it I can't deal with that," and "oh my god did whoever make this have a leather penis?"

Well now you can control the joy of "No really this is bordering on CBT please stop constantly stimulating only the most sensitive part of my genitals" wherever a bluetooth connection is available! The new A10 Cyclone Standalone features the same rotating motion of the original A10, except instead of an overprice tiny control unit running PWM over the power lines of a mini USB cable, you can use the stable, trusted connection of bluetooth!

Here's a lovely animated gif of the latex cement junk mixer.

Not only will you be able to control the toy (via CSV files according to Kotaku, so that pretty much kills any interest I had since that's no fun to reverse engineer), you can share your patterns online with others. So now penis-havers across the internet can cringe together!

Info and images via Kotaku