Now that Jekyll has started getting updated again, it's time to flee!

Honestly, just got sick of the ridiculously slow rebuild times and the fact that ruby is not a language I'm into. Being more of a python person, I've decided to give Pelican a shot. It's now backing the static page generation of the site, and has already helped fix the archive generation, as well as point out a few misbuilt pages. It can also generate the full site (~415 posts) in around 5 seconds, versus jekyll's way too fucking long.

Anyways, if there's any issues you notice with the site, please let me know via Twitter or by email on the tips account in the footer.

Now, off to tag all of the old posts, integrate the mmorgy posts, redo the project posts like I've been meaning to do for years, and... ugh. I thought blogging wasn't supposed to be this much work.