Sure. It's been months since I've posted anything anywhere near relevant to the topic of the blog. It's been a slow newsyear (Rubbot died, RealTouch doesn't suck, sex doll robot thing at AVN was fucking stupid, the end). But today, well, today just begged for a post. There's just too much nerd goodness here to not pass on.

First off, it's been announced that the MMORPG Runes of Magic will contain same sex marriages. Pretty cool, forward thinking stuff, I guess, except that the idea was around in door games and text worlds fucking forever ago and do you have any IDEA of the shit you can marry in Second Life (and by marry I mean marry as well as, you know, "marry") but whatever let's just act like computers didn't exist before World of Warcraft. Anyways, the cool part is that it brought up this article:

Managing Same Sex Relationships in Relational Databases

Yes, it's a multi-page, 14-part article on managing database schema normalization for same-sex relationships. I wonder if E.F. Codd had this in mind for revision 3 of his rules.

And, while we're on the topic of nerdy sex things, I present you with:

The Most Awkwardly Named Function in Matlab

Any time you have to spoogemop another engineer's Matlab code, now you know which function to use.

And in case you aren't aware, via the qDot dictionary:

  • spoogemop - verb - To clean up the code of another engineer who has decided that their programming style should resemble violent, messy masturbation, using the language as their own personal fucktoy, and that it is a far better strategy than actual design.
  • spoogemopper - noun - The engineer that must engage in the act of spoogemopping. It is customary to buy this person beer, or else have high turnover in your software team.

Anyways, this matlab thing and other silly function names have spawned some awesome reddit threads:

Chock full of stupid sex variable name humor.

So yeah, that's it. I may actually post something on topic this week, but for now, just enjoy the silly.

MMO announcement and Database article via IGDA Sex in Games Mailing List, Matlab funny via