UPDATE: I got the radio time wrong, it's 18:15 CET. Oops.

Ah, nothing like some late breaking news.

I'm currently in Vienna right now, as part of a artist residency at MuseumsQuartier Wien with Monochrom, and today is sex presentation day!

I'll be on FM4 radio at 18:15 CET (David Dempsey wrote up a wonderful article on my work, too. Thanks David!)

Then this evening, I'm speaking in Raum D of the q21 Electric Avenue offices, as part of the Arse Elektronika Vienna Special . The title of the talk is "What is the sex of the future, and why aren't we having it yet?". It's a combination of past talks I've given, plus some new work I've been doing while here in Vienna.

Expect some blog updates next week about some of the new projects. Just need to finish the projects themselves first.