Good lord, the Canadian press sure has been on about teledildonics lately.

First off, Cory Silverburg, of Come As You Are and pretty much all around completely awesome person, gave a talk at the Sexuality Conference at the University of Guelph. Apparently, there were a couple of reporters there.

The first article starts out tame....

Sex and Tech

The headlines for the second article are... Well, it starts with...

I've seen the future: It's techno-sex

But the Guelph Mercury, even though it was picking up the same article off the wire, just wasn't happy with that headline. So they went with...

Big Brother may be watching you -- with cybersex on his mind...

Damn. Daaaaaaaaaaamn.

Does it stop there, though? No! New article, even BETTER headline, via

Virtually nasty: cybersex is pushing the boundaries of human behaviour

Whew. What a game of headline oneupsmanship that was. I'm not sure who won out of those last two.

Anyways, a completely different article on the Ottawa Citizen, talks about Sharon Moalem, and his new book, How Sex Works. I post it here because the article has the word teledildonics in it.

The science of sex from A to Z