There's a couple of Open Source Teledildonics projects I've been pointed at lately, so I thought I'd pass the information on. Please note that I haven't actually /used/ either of these projects (Sex software? Ew! Grody!), but they might be of interest, since my own implementation of that crazy macro based end user programming language for teledildonics I keep talking about is coming along sometime between never and never.

First off is the OpenVibrations project. This is a teledildonics client written in Java, that has built in chat and controls through USB and parallel ports. More information on features is available at the OpenVibrations entry at OpenDildonics.

Next, there's Traviesadora. It's windows only, and written in... Delphi. No, seriously. The little language that could apparently still can. It keeps popping up in the weirdest places. Anyways, this project is a jabber based chat client with full on encryption for communications and controls! Yay, something I've been asking for forever! It's also got a rather interesting wave formation UI. From what I can tell from googling, it's mostly serial based, and probably aimed at the Nobra's Silicone Dreams line of toys.

And, if you're wondering what I'm up to in the realm of open source... Well, it really doesn't have much to do with sex, these days. My main projects are:

libnifalcon - Library/Applications for the Novint Falcon Haptic Controller libtrancevibe - Library/Applications for the Rez Trancevibrator * liblightstone - Library/Applications for the Lightstone USB Biometric Widget

Out of those, I'm mostly concentrating on libnifalcon. In fact, it's just about all I've been doing in what little spare time I've had over the past two months. If you're interested in the progress on that, watch Nonpolynomial Labs for updates.

In terms of sex stuff... I've got a ton of ideas, some of which I may dump here soon. There seems to be more interest in projects these days, and I've got a few ideas that can be done with commodity hardware that would be quite fun...