Just got this in. Come on, you know you wanna be documentary famous! It's way better than internet famous!

A well-respected independent production company based in the UK is looking for contributors for a documentary on cybersex. We are particularly interested in the way people are having sex in online worlds such as Second Life.

Has sex online given you the courage to explore your fantasies? Do you have a fetish that is not physically possible in the real world which you can now enjoy? Perhaps you are someone who already lives out your fetishes in real life but cyber has allowed you to take things one step further? Are you just a regular guy/girl with an unusual sexual online persona?

If you are interested in being involved and happy to talk openly about your cybersexual experiences and how they relate to your real life, please send email to cybersexdoc (AT) googlemail (DOT) com, in confidence, with your story. No commitment is expected at this stage.