First off, once again, thanks to the people at libsecondlife for making this demo as easy as it was. BTW, if you want to see the first version of this that I made last year, the tutorial is behind this link. Warning: Polygonated Breasticles (And yes, I already called that as a band name, so no, you can't have it)

Now then. Funny story. Notice how I stick the vibe in my pocket around 6 minutes in? Well, my demo program somehow crashed after I was finished show it, leaving the vibrator running at top speed. I'd put it on the shelf in the podium, but that was causing the podium to rumble and make a low sound that you can't hear in the video. My choices were to put it on the cart, where it would make more noise, or, well, in my pocket. So, in my pocket it went.

Really, with a vibrator in your pocket, you no longer need to imagine the audience in their underwear.

Oh. And.

This is the shirt I was wearing during the presentation (I actually got a few questions about it at the conference). It's from Sick On Sin, possibly the best shirt and pin and mirror and other stuff store on the god damn planet. I know I don't advertise on here, but really. Go buy at least 14 of all of their products.