Originally written by Camzet for mmorgy.com

They strut their stuff.. wandering around London in such skimpy clothes or totally encased in armor. Finally they say yes and you take them home... peel off their clothes...

And nothing.. you have no idea what to do....

Well here's a handy guide to the mechanics of woman on woman love in Socio. (Ed. Note: Something that's been taking place much longer than other worlds who've recently claimed they brought it to the net...)

As she lays there on the floor, looking at you with lust filled eyes, click on her body so that she appears in your paperdoll window. Make sure she is fully undressed or your options will be limited depending on which bodyparts are covered.

If both of you are naked and female - yes this one is for all you men who love to watch women screw each other - you'll see this list of options.

Select one from the list that seems interesting, or that your partner may enjoy. Doing this will give a visual list of the physical options you can do with that woman. For example, let's try kissing: Two Options show for kissing - a standing kiss and a laying down kiss. Doubleclick on the standing up pictures. You will cling to your partner and text of you kissing her will start to appear.

At this stage you can change the ferocity in which you kiss the woman - This is called Penetration. The option you choose, increases or lowers how intense the speed of action is. A few sexual options do not show any movement no matter which penetration button you select. * The harder the penetration, the more pain you or your partner feels.

Keep a handy supply of milks to drink to alleviate pain. (We will go over urges another day.)

Now if you're like me.. You want to get to the good stuff right away. So forget about the soft stuff and just push that hand right up into her ass. But how you ask? What position? Just take a look at your options:

Four wonderful positions in which to turn your woman into a glassy-eyed lust monster. This happens to be my favorite:

Keep in mind.. any position in which you insert your hand into a woman's orifices.. can also be used for toys - Strapons, dildos, and a few other in game objects. Some will cause more pain than others.

Now, after you have made the woman climax a couple times, why not have her pleasure you? Need a tongue on your pussy or asshole?

Let's go with having her lick your pussy, so make sure the two of you are standing - so all the options show - though you can stay in whatever position you were in, just some of the options may not be there. Select Press your vagina on face and you will get a long list of positions.

This is one of my favorites:

To taste the sweet nectar that flows from a girl's pussy, there are several positions in which to use.

Any one of them will do, it all depends on what appeals to you. Here is just one of the many options:

Now go find yourself a nice easy slut in Socio and use her well.