As you've probably noticed, posts here have been rather infrequent and randomly themed lately. There's a few reasons behind that, and while I don't usually get into my personal life on here, it's only fair to let people know what's up. Not that any of it is bad.

So, first off: I'm movin'. Time to rise up out of Oklahoma, land of fucked up video game laws and religious pandering on state grounds. I'm headed off to San Francisco, land of heathens, harlots, and general sinnyness, to work for Linden Lab, makers of Second Life. That is, until god decides to bitchslap the faultline and we all fall off into the ocean.

Unfortunately, the timing of the move means I will not be able to attend the Sex in Video Games Conference, coming up in a little over 2 weeks. With the absolutely amazing list of people on the panels, it really sucks to have to miss this. So, even though I'm not going to be there, everyone reading this should totally sign up and go.

As for Slashdong, well, there's a few things I'm planning on doing. First off, I'm adding a new section, on DIY/Non-Traditional build projects going outside of our usual technology scope. I'd really like Slashdong to be about all sorts of open projects, not just the crazy electronics stuff I come up with. Many of the fetish scenes have relied on DIY for years ("Home Depot: The Kinkiest Store On the Planet"), and with the current DIY resurgence, I figure I might as well get the hits while I can put together a community of builders, tinkerers, inventors, and others instead of just engineers.

Also, I've felt that my tutorials, while educational and informative as they currently are (as well as damn funny. Probably more damn funny than anything else, actually), have suffered from a lack of crossreferencing and updating capabilities.

Therefore, it's time for the obvious solution: The Slashdong Wiki. This solves multiple problems I've been facing, including:

  • Easy to update information
  • User/Community Created Content
  • Awkward content layout when done in article form
  • Other stuff

If you'd like to be a contributor to the Wiki, please email me at the tips at slashdong address. There's a lot of information to add, and I'm gonna do what I can when I can, but with this upcoming move, time will be fleeting until like, September.

Ugh. I know this is going to end well, but the end is a long, long way off.