Article on The Future of Sex

Neat article over on CNN about the future of sex toys, and a new field called "Teledildonics".

Yeah, where the fuck is my name, anyways? Huh? HUH?

So, I'll take the bitchy stance.

"No one who is even inventing this stuff wants or even thinks that technology could ever replace human connection or sex."

Bullshit, motherfuckers. From day one, I've said I'm doing this to put controls on breeding rates so that I could use hidden features in my software to breed a virtual master race and RULE THE WORLD.

But now that I've told you this, I'll have to kill you in some slow, easily foilable way.

Others suspect the technology is also far off. "Right now they are having trouble making robots that just sweep floors," said Pepper Schwartz, a sociology professor at the University of Washington in Seattle and author of many books on sex.

Yeah, but a thruster requires an offset cam and a motor. That's not exactly iRobot level shit, and it does people /just/ fine.

Marvin Minsky, a pioneer in the study of artificial intelligence dating back to 1951, said such devices could either trigger an actual physical response from the brain, or have the entire experience take place in the mind with the sensation of sex -- but without the mess or risk of sexually transmitted disease.

Fuckin' A, Dr. Minsky. There's a reason BDSMers can be trained to remotely orgasm. It's all in the mind. We're already there if you're trainable, but it's getting the other 99.999...% that need manual stimulation...

"But if the game (industry) people got involved in some underdeveloped country that didn't have any laws against it, it could all happen twice as fast."

Ok, I'm moving to South America, and I'll need some test subjects to come with me.

"There is a great deal of pushing people out of social relations into a kind of simulated relationship, which in fact decreases what is essential in human life, which is sociability -- one's capacity to relate to other people," said John Gagnon, a veteran researcher and author on many books on sexuality.

I think we're gonna see this in virtual worlds in general though, not just due to sex. Sure, sexuality will exacerbate the issue since it's such a deeply emotional act, but I foresee basic virtual world addiction being a much bigger problem.