72 Degrees

Even though we try to stay mainly a sex toy/sex tech blog, there's just some little designy part of me that likes posting ergonomics and furniture design stuff every so often. Maybe I have some deep seated need to be the dirty version of Funfurde or something.

So, with that in mind, I present 72 Degrees, or "The table that stores your porn". Closed with a lock that can only be opened by a ring, the table has a secret compartment made to fit a teenager's porn stash perfectly, away from the moral compasses of snooping parents.

Now, not only is the basic idea cool in the "YOU CAN PUT YOUR WEED IN THERE" sorta way, but the name itself is just absolutely fucking brilliant. For those of you too lazy to open the link, 72 degrees is apparently the average angle of a healthy erection. It's also the angle that the locked portion of the table opens to.

I love designers with senses of humor.