Dude behind me just totally said "I'm down with RSS."

No, seriously.


Anyways, hi, I'm currently in Austin at Screenburn/SXSW Interactive, from today until Tuesday. I'll be living blogging the whole fucking experience because if I have to sit through 5 days of RSS, Web 2.0, Web 3.0 (Hi SLers!), monetizing things, getting eyeballs, etc etc etc, then SO DO YOU.

I'll try to throw some sex toy talk in too, from time to time, so I can stay on track.

So what is your fair sex toy engineer doing here, anyways? Well, other than being an ass and making quite sure I'll never be able to work in blogging, IT, the web, or anything outside of my basement, I'll be speaking on the "Secret Sex Lives of Video Games" Panel on Tuesday.

In Slashdong Relevant news, to those of you that made it this far in the post. The SexBox v5 is done, is sitting in my hotel room, and will be seieng live demos at both SXSW and GDC. Then it's straight from the conferences and to the page, as I'll be posting the tutorial as soon as I get time to write it. The goodness involves: Serial/USB support, expansion slots, and 4 PORTS OF VIBRATEY LUV. Aw yeah. Rockin' it newskewlsextoy in 2006.

My god. See that last sentence? That's what this shit is doing to me. 5 days left, man. 5 days.

If you're here, look for me. I'll be the only guy without a timbuk2 bag.