TranceVibrator - Linux/OSX Drivers and fingerd client

Rejoice, ye of non windows operating systems! For there is now TranceVibrator support for all!

First off, there're now drivers for the TranceVibrator for OS/X and Linux (created from the original FreeBSD drivers). I'm going to figure that if you're going to try this, you know how to compile things. If not, email the tips address, whine a little bit, and I might be persueded to put a tutorial together. You'll need libusb.

Next up, since we seem to be all about interface these days... You can't really get much geekier than a teledildonics interface created using the fingerd internet request system.

Remember fingerd? Then you are officially old. From the program instructions:

This program is a rudimentary teledildonics application built around the finger daemon - hence bringing generations of CS undergrad innuendo full circle.

It has two modes in addition to what you're seeing now - if you finger (any string)@(this host), a series of random pulses will be generated, proportional to the length of the string.

Alternatively, fingering 0x(hex digits)@(this host) will instead send a direct stream of motor speeds to the vibrator, one per second.

This makes me happy in ways far, far too geeky to explain in anything but greek symbols.