iBuzz comes to the US

Ending our coverage of "Things that start with a lower-case i" day on Slashdong, we've got... something we've already talked about before.

The iBuzz, which was awesome when it was known as The Audi-Oh (And I honestly thought Audi-oh had a patent on this. Oh well.), is making it's way to the shores of the US just in time for Steve Jobs birthday. The amount of hipstergasm fluids that will flow due to the fact that you can buy an vibrator for your iPod that also begins with i and is white makes me seriously fucking ill just to think about.

Anyways, it goes on sale February 24th, and is currently $59, $10 cheaper than you'll find the audi-oh most places.

Or you can build the Ghett-oh.

Or you can just wait for us to get around to writing up an audio vibe tutorial. Which I swear is on the way. Someday.