Originally written by Isabelle Pavlova for mmorgy.com

We've gotten a couple of articles on cybersex in today, and since sex in MMOs still mainly hinges on textual interaction (at least, until qDot gets around to finishing up something usable), we thought they'd be appropriate.

First off, a rather old article from Sex Therapist Dr. Marty Klein on whether cybersex is actually sex, and why people have cybersex at all. Between then and now, all we've gained in terms of widely-used cybersex technology is more fonts, so much of the analysis in the article is still applicable today.

Off the news wire, Reuters is reporting that a poll of Canadian students showed that 87 percent had reported having some sort of text/voice/video internet-based sex experience. Interesting statistic, especially with the number of students also likely to be playing MMOs.